Best Charcoal Mask - Face mask for blackheads

Charcoal activated face mask review
 I’m at the stage in my skincare journey when I’m looking for quality products rather than just pick up anything.

I will review two charcoal masks:
fuschia activated charcoal face masks and L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Detox and Brighten

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Detox and Brighten.

The consistency of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Detox and Brighten is creamy and soft, looks luxurious cream with a gray color and nice fragrance.  I loved using this charcoal face mask, it does not make my skin feel dry or make it red.

Overall, I love this L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Detox and Brighten and will continue using it

Overall, this is definitely a winner. I like how easy it is to apply 

The fuschia activated charcoal face masks
this mask has a good scent which feels soothing and the cream feels soft on your skin, but its messy to remove and it irritated my face.

check my youtube review for more details on both charcoal face masks for blackheads and to detox face mask

coca cola and the face shop makeup

Coca Cola - TheFaceShop

Ladies, time to find out if this one is the good or coca cola new Beauty Battle
is wasted 

Eyes palette
there are
nine gorgeous shades as you see but suits just oily skin because the eye
shadows are dry

Lipsticks and Glosses
lipsticks and gloss are
cola-scented. Is that a nice

don't think so

Tried it and did not like it due
to the smell and the dry texture

I love the look of this palette and gloss but nothing else

Coca Cola - TheFaceShop  Unboxing
Is not for me

Affordable cure for the puffiness, tiredness and dark under eyes areas

Gold rakonny

The pot of the Secret Key Gold Racoony contains 60 patches and they come in different shapes, some to suit the eyes and some to be put on the forehead or chin. The sweet package drew me to it. And thought its Korean product that I did not try before so why not.

How to use it:
clean your face so the patches sticks longer.
Apply your patch on under my eyes or your chin
keep for 20 minutes.
Enjoy cold and relaxing feeling
Then see the under eyes hydrated, bright area

Time to save cucumber for food only and not to put cucumbers any more on your eyes to decrease puffiness and get rid of tired eye.
Ragting is : 7/10 
- Cooling, decrease puffiness, Brighten dark areas, and Affordable
It come with sanitary spatula also which is an add.

- if you dont clean your face it is going to be Slippery
- Doesn't fully hide the dark spots

Overall, was really impressed with the way the Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patch turned out, and the scent smells fruity. Also I do feel very nice

Faconn box makeup new review

Faconn box makeup new review

Given to me by a friend who was not able to use them as they did not suit here and since she knows that I write reviews, she suggested to try them and write about my experience.
These two items comes in different giveaway box. She used to receive frequently by faconn.

Faconn lip balm chocolate
the tells you that you are going to smell and taste chocolate taste and fragrance. But when I smelled it, it was not that much a chocolate smell, which make me feel that the chocolate concentration is too low in it maybe. However the taste is not bad but not what I expected. So to apply it, just use your finger to take the chocolate lip balm and put on your lips.
The feeling on the lips is nice, it feels soft. In summer you will need to use it maybe every hour and I guess that is a lot.

Chocolate extract ( don’t know how much percent chocolate in here), kokum and shea butter.
Beeswax, coconut, argan and jojoba oil, vitamin E.
The palette contains dark color eyeshadows. They are between matte and shiny shades, extremely pigmented and all of them are dark shades all of them, even the pinkish shade was dark, so they can be used for parties more than for work or for meeting friends
The texture is velvet which is a nice thing, but mix any of the colors is hard since they are all dark
They are for sure pretty shades that can be used for events, but not more.
These are good for oily skins because it has a dry finish

faconn grabox, faconn makeup Beauty

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